VIB - Machinery and Shafting Vibrations

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In order to have rotating machinery that operates safly and reliably, it is essential to control vibration levels under all operating conditions. The wrong combination of machinery components may result in damage and operational restrictions due to excessive vibration levels.


DNV’s wide contact with different marine component manufacturers provides a thorough understanding of all machinery components. This ensures appropriate modelling of the systems and that the required vibration analysis is carried out.

All DNV analyses are carried out independently without any manufacturers’ preferences, and all information is treated with the highest degree of confidentiality.

If verification by measurements is requested, DNV has the expert personnel and equipment to carry out all types of shaft and machinery vibration measurements. We are also able to analyse the results, and will make recommendations and conclusions as required.

DNV’s detailed knowledge of various Rules and acceptance criteria, combined with our reputation as a technology leader, makes any required approvals more predictable and efficient.


DNV’s vibration analyses are offered to yards, component manufacturers and the owners and operators of ships and offshore rigs. In the area of shafting vibrations, we offer natural frequency and forced vibration analysis of:

  • Axial vibrations

  • Lateral and whirling vibrations

  • Torsional vibrations

These types of analysis are normally conducted for the following purposes:

  • Calculations to verify conformity with Classification Rules or any other standards.

  • Component selections for optimised functionality (newbuilding and retrofit).

  • Feasibility and concept studies of shafting design and propulsion options at an early design phase.

  • Operational optimisation and damage investigation where vibration calculations are used in combination with actual measurements.

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