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Our routines are as follows:
  1. nDNV ERS receives a distress call from the vessel or the client's emergency team.

  2. nDNV ERS replies to the sender and musters the ERS team on duty. The ERS team establishes a secondary line of communication with the vessel or client's emergency redundancy team.

  3. nThe means of communication used are: telephone, telefax, e-mail

  4. nDuring the incident continuous communication is held between the DNV ERS team and the vessel/client's emergency team regarding transfer of data and any necessary action.

  5. nThe involvement of the DNV ERS team normally concludes with written advice to the Master/client's emergency team.

General contact

Emergency contact

For ERS members only - 24 hour fast calculation service in case of damage

Primary phone

+47 91 84 97 15

Backup phone+47 67 57 76 88