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Type approval is an efficient way for the manufacturer of serial produced items to have his product design approved by DNV. It is offered as an alternative to case-by-case approval for the whole equipment or parts of it for unlimited and unspecified manufacturing orders within an agreed time window.

Type approval is carried out for equipment such as:

  • Cranes and other lifting appliances.
  • Life- and rescue boat launching appliances.
  • Anchoring equipment.
  • Winches.
  • Winch components such as gears and brakes.
  • Loose Gear.
  • Personnel lifts / Elevators.
    - Lift components.
  • Other specialised equipment for retrieving, hoisting and lowering.

All Type Approval Certificates issued by DNV are available on the Internet. A direct link is given for your convenience on the Type approval main page under related links.

General Information

Our certification services are, with a few exceptions, based on three elements:

  • Design approval.
  • Manufacturing survey.
  • Testing of final equipment.

The type approval service covers the design approval phase, and the product certificate may be issued based on manufacturing survey and testing of each single equipment. For product certification MSA (Manufacturing survey arrangement) could be considered.

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